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This community is for anyone who is interested in paranormal research. Anyone who is interested in unexplained events. Anyone who likes to go ghost hunting. Its not limited to anyone at all. The goal of this community is to educate people and draw more interest into the unknown. There is stuff out there that needs to be explained somehow and the more we band together the more we can understand. Below is a list of ghostly or paranormal sites that I believe can help people.

The Shadowlands
North Florida Paranormal Research
South Florida Paranormal Research
National Ghost Hunters Society
National Haunted Places Registry
South Florida Ghost Team
Prairie Ghosts
Ghosthunter Store
Southeast Wisconsin Ghost Research
Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group
The Bell Witch
Wisconsin Ghost Investigations
Paranormal Organization for Research, Teaching And Learning
Haunted Fort Lauderdale
Shasta Supernatural Investigators
Encounters Paranormal Radio

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

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